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Silicone building waterproofing agent


The main components of sodium methyl silicate
Technical indicators
Appearance: colorless (or light yellow) liquid
PH value: 12 ~ 14
Solid content: 28 ± 2%
Dilution: diluted with water in any proportion
Performance and features
Waterproof agent X301 is a silicone waterproofing agent, its waterproof mechanism and conventional waterproofing agent is different, it can react with carbon dioxide in the air, the substrate surface to form a waterproof breathable membrane, has excellent waterproofing effect, with the construction of simple, Low cost, lasting effect, resistance to brushing, high and low temperature (-50 ℃ ~ 150 ℃) and other characteristics.

Application range
Waterproof agent X301 for the ground, inside and outside the waterproof, mold, kitchen fumes, basement, warehouse moisture, bathroom, concrete structure seepage and so on.
★ will be dealing with the base area of ​​water, dirt and other attachments removed.
★ Cracks filled with putty or cement mortar
★ Press X301: water = 1: 8 ratio of tap water to dilute the product and mix well.
★ to be dealt with basal plane with a brush or roller to dilute a good solution for brushing, the product can be diluted per kilogram of brushing 10 to 12 square meters, brushing should be uniform, to prevent leakage Tu.
★ After brushing it should be allowed to dry naturally, then painted 1-2 times after 24 hours.
★ If the concentration of the preparation of the solution is high, a small amount of white material can be seen after drying the brushing surface precipitation, this is a normal phenomenon, gently wipe it.
★ This product is alkaline, direct contact with the skin is strictly prohibited, such as exposure, application of large amounts of water rinse. After brushing dry alkaline disappeared, harmless to the human body.
★ For mildewed or greasy old walls, mildew or greasy dirt should be completely removed and treated until the surface is dry.
★ This product will react slowly with the carbon dioxide in the air, therefore, when not in use, the packaging should be strictly covered.

Packaging and storage
Packed in a plastic bucket, the lid must be tight. Stored in ventilated and dry place, storage period of one year. This product is strongly alkaline, it should be properly transported.

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