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Long-chain alkyl modified silicone oil


The main component modified polyorganosiloxane
Technical Specifications Appearance:
Colorless or light yellow transparent viscous liquid
Viscosity (25 ° C, mpa.s): 100-5000
Flash point (open cup): ≥215 ° C
Refractive index (25 ° C): 1.426-1.430
Performance and characteristics This product has excellent lubricity, mold release, hydrophobic, antifouling, printability and good compatibility with organic polymers. Especially for poor lubrication of aluminum, zinc, copper has a good lubricating effect. Can also be used for plastic mold release agent, fiber lubricant, formulated for aircraft, military vehicles and cold areas with high flash point hydraulic transmission fluid. Adding a small amount of polypropylene in this product, the impact strength can be greatly improved; adding a small amount of crude oil can also effectively reduce the freezing point.
1, cosmetics: as a shampoo, cream lubricant.
2, Release Agent: Suitable for anti-sticking and stripping of plastic, rubber and metal products, especially suitable for stripping of polyurethane products and secondary printing and finishing on the products after stripping, also can be added Plastic, synthetic resin and other materials used as the release agent.
3, as a senior lubricants, grease materials; suitable for metal, plastic and other materials between the lubrication.
4, as a high-grade paint, ink, paint additives, a small amount added to the paint, ink, paint, can significantly improve the product gloss and defoaming effect.
How to use It has excellent lubricity and abrasion resistance for greases and ointments and can be used for a long period of time in the range of -50 ° C to 150 ° C. It can be used in liquid transmission fluids to meet the wide range of service temperature, High flash point temperature requirements; Used in plastic, rubber release agent, after the demolished products on the second printing, finishing; for cosmetics, can keep skin moisturizing effect, reduce the symptoms of dry skin , To maintain the softness of the skin; for plastic additives, can improve the boundary lubrication of plastic products; for paint additives, can improve the paint pigment dispersion, leveling and abrasion resistance.
Packaging and storage with 25 kg, 50 kg plastic drums, should not be mixed with acid, alkali and other electrolytes, stored in ventilated and dry place, room temperature storage period of six months, the expiry can be re-seized, the product can still be used, the product is Non-dangerous goods.

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