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Metal die-casting release agent


The main component of organic silicone
Technical indicators
Appearance: milky white liquid with blue fluorescence
Ionicity: Cationic
Solid content: 25 ± 2%
P H value: 6 ~ 7
Centrifugal stability: 3000 r / min, 15 minutes without stratification
Performance and features
This product can die casting alloy and die casting mold to provide effective isolation between the protective layer to avoid metal liquid directly flush cavity and core surface to improve the working conditions of die-casting mold, while reducing the die-casting mold heat conduction, providing excellent high temperature Lubrication performance, and to help the flow of molten metal, thereby enhancing the formability of molten metal in order to easily launch die-casting and die-casting parts to improve the surface quality and prevent sticky mold. This product is durable and chemical stability, and does not come into contact with the chemical reaction of the material, do not corrode the mold, the use of no smoke or odor, the product surface pollution, coating less, good release durability, use Low cost, no physiological activity, easy to use and so on, is a good environment-friendly products.

Can be widely used in various types of alloy die-casting. According to various purposes, can be diluted use, diluted with water, the X203 should be slowly added to the stirring water, according to need, can be diluted 10-100 times.

Packaging and storage
With 25 kilograms, 50 kilograms of plastic drum, avoid acid, alkali and other electrolytes mixed, stored in a ventilated and dry place, room temperature storage period of six months, re-examination can be re-extended, the pass can still be used, the goods are non-dangerous goods.

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